Walsh-Pembina Tech Co-op

Grafton, North Valley Area Career & Technology Center –10 schools Walsh/Pembina Technology Cooperative

Cavalier, Fordville/Lankin, Grafton HS, Minto, Park River,

Drayton, North Valley CTE, Grafton MS, Pembina, Walhalla

The Walsh-Pembina Tech Co-op project began as a High Tech Initiative in the late 1980’s. Presently, Emerging Technology consortiums consist of 6 to 20 schools that rotate a variety of technology based equipment between the member schools of the consortium. This rotation concept enables schools to share the cost of equipment and keep expensive equipment in use as it moves from school to school. The results are that the High Tech equipment is being used by students and teachers. Also, with the modules rotating between schools, it is being used all the time, in effect wearing out equipment due to use rather than it growing outdated on a shelf when a particular class is finished with it.

All instructors who use the emerging technology modules must be trained on each module prior to that module being used in the school. Modules available for rotation are described at http://www.nd.gov/cte/projects/emerging-tech/docs/CoreConcepts_June07.pdf.

For more information, please contact Mr. Mike Hanson, NVCTC Director, at michael.hanson@k12.nd.us.